Gaslighting Me?

Being gaslighted is traumatic enough but is it possible to start gaslighting yourself?


Thank You Meditation

This meditation features gratitude, which has a powerful healing effect on the mind and body. It also can strengthen your mind, relationships, deepen sleep and change your filters and lens of reality. Are you ready to give this a go?


Hidden Warnings You Shouldn’t Ignore

Has your subconscious mind brought you to this episode to get your attention?  This episode explores the signals our minds and bodies send us through behaviours to let us know something is wrong.  These messages indicate we have lost connection with ourselves and need to heal but they are often ignored, passed off as normal, old age or just cultural.  Is it time for you to reconnect?


Core Transformation Meditation

A reality shifting deep core transformational meditation helping you reconnect with who you really are.  This might be one of my favourite meditations yet I hope you come back to time and time again.


Anxiety Lies

Anxiety is very clever at creating lies to keep you safe by using the power of your imagination. The problem lies in the fact that false alarm anxiety is trying to keep you safe from fake danger and this reduces life quality quite dramatically. Here are the top lies anxiety uses and what you can do about them to help get your life back on track.


What are you Resisting?

Are you resisting life and triggering your survival response into being anxious or stressed?  This mini-podcast may help you to let go, accept and help your body heal.


5 Minute Gratitude Booster

5-minute neurochemistry booster gratitude meditation you can use to quickly change your state of mind and being.