Mini Health Anxiety Meditation

A mini health anxiety meditation for those that have listened to the How to Beat Anxiety Podcast and the longer version of the Health Anxiety Meditation Podcast.  Reduce, manage and transform your health anxiety with these powerful podcasts.


Health Anxiety Meditation

A deep transformative meditation for health anxiety which follows on from the How to Beat Health Anxiety Podcast. Relax and train your mind to help reduce, manage and move on from health anxiety.


How to Beat Health Anxiety

Health anxiety can rob you of your health and reduce your quality of life.  This podcast is here to help anyone struggling with health anxiety and who wants to take back control.


Negative Thoughts Vs Gratitude!

Negative thoughts can drive people crazy, but did you know that you can use gratitude to create a massive mindset shift?  This podcast will show you how!

No Ordinary Gratitude Meditation

This is no ordinary powerful gratitude meditation challenge which could change your mind and change your life.  Perfect for inner conflict and personal growth