Pain Relief Hypnosis Episode

Pain Relief Hypnosis Session.  Are you in pain?  Is it emotional or physical?  Either way this 30 minute or so hypnosis session will work deep within the subconscious to help give you pain relief and pain management tools.

Hypnosis has been shown to be very effective in helping to relieve physical pain from conditions like arthritis. fibromyalgia, back pain, injuries, inflammation etc.  I have blended subliminal suggestions within this episode which can be used for emotional pain management too.

There are more hypnosis sessions coming this year too, let me know your thoughts on how this went for you.

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Is your Average Life Making you Anxious?

Are you feeling anxious, stressed and angry due to being conditioned into making your life distinctly average?

It’s a controversial point of view but the average lifestyle can be a block to living life more authentically. 

In this episode, I challenge the average lifestyle and talk about how you can set yourself free to live the life you truly want to live.

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I have some Anxiety and Mindset Coaching session slots available at the end of January if you would like to talk about and get help with this subject further.  


Acceptance Guided Mindful Meditation

End the war with yourself, people and life with this powerful Acceptance guided meditation and come back home to who you truly are.   Will the mindset insight I mentioned create a paradigm shift for you as it did for me?


Calm, Confident & In Control Meditation

Change your state of mind with this Calm, Confident and In Control meditation.   

Sometimes we just need a little reset and reminder deep within who we really are and what we are capable of so we can meet the challenges of the day.  Enjoy this one!



Upgrade Your Life With Gratitude Part One

Upgrade your life in ways you cannot imagine with this powerful updated gratitude practice.  This podcast lists the mental and physical health benefits and also my version of a step by step process you can use daily to change your mind and life. 

Part two contains the process within a meditation practice to take it deeper into the subconscious mind.

The science around gratitude and the mental and physical health benefits is growing fast and Dr Andrew Huberman puts these findings in detail in his Gratitude episode podcast.  His Huberman Labs podcast is a mine of information and I heartily recommend it.

I am taking on new clients to coach in 2022, if you are interested please get in contact.



Release the Pressure Mindful Meditation

This 15-minute release the pressure meditation will give your mind and body a break from the daily pressures that can weigh you down and get a new perspective that could help you feel lighter, calmer and more focused too.

This meditation also has an insight that was life-changing for me could it be for you? 

There will be an accompanying podcast explaining why I believe this insight is one to explore and it will answer any questions you have about how you could make it part of your life too.




12 Minute Focus Mindfulness Meditation

This 12-minute focus meditation can help train your mind to increase your attention span,  create clarity and fully be in the present moment.  This is one to repeat often to get the full benefits.


I am done with this toxic word

I am done with this toxic word podcast episode that highlights how much we might be using a certain word that negatively impacts our mental and physical health. 

How we speak to ourselves has a powerful impact on how we experience reality. Is it time to drop this word for a healthier, happier life?



Meditation : Upgrade Your Life With Gratitude

Upgrade your life in ways you cannot imagine with this powerful meditation which is part two of the Upgrade Your Life With Gratitude Episode.

Work deeply within your subconscious to create the reality you are looking for by using this step by step process.  Repeat as often as you can to get the full benefit to change your mind and change your life.


Power of One Timeline Meditation

Create a connection with your timeline in this powerful mindfulness meditation to enable a deep subconscious reality shift that could change your mind and life forever.  

I believe this is one of the most powerful exercises you can do for mindset growth, the more you do it the more you will benefit in ways you might not be able to imagine.

Are you ready?